Master 120 common phrasal verbs

Are you frustrated with your efforts to learn and use phrasal verbs?
Are you finding that memorizing lists with translations is ineffective?
Are you looking for an effective method of learning vocabulary and improving your listening and speaking skills?

Then, join me on this course to learn how to use 120 common phrasal verbs in your daily conversations, and improve your listening comprehension and your fluency at the same time.

The course consists of over 2 hours of video and audio content to enable you to practise and fully assimilate about 120 common phrasal verbs used in daily conversations.

Each video lesson consists of one or two dialogues containing several phrasal verbs. The dialogues also include many intermediate and advanced structures (tenses, conditionals, modals, gerunds etc.), so you can also review the usage of important structures at the same time as you learn these verbs.

Each video lesson ends with gap-filling exercises, so you can review the same verbs in a new context.

Then, the phrasal verbs are reviewed again in the 120 follow-up audio exercises.

The package also includes a handbook containing:

- A step-by-step study guide and a 2-week study programme
- Answers to frequently asked questions about phrasal verbs
- List of the phrasal verbs in the course with their definitions
- pdf transcripts of all dialogues, exercises and answer keys

Master 120 common phrasal verbs

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