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What to Do if Your Child Throws a Temper Tantrum?

Tantrums can be prevented by giving your child positive reinforcement for good behaviour. If he helps you with your chores or finishes his work on time, a simple pat on the back and a few words of encouragement would be enough to set his moral compass right.

Whenever you sense that a certain situation might cause him to start throwing a tantrum, step in before he even has a chance to react, and ask him if he is feeling fine or if there’s something he would like to tell you. If he does tell you properly about his issue, help him in resolving the problem. However, if he starts getting frustrated, maintain your own calm and make him understand why certain actions are unacceptable. Telling him in a gentle tone that he can be angry if he wants to, but he is not allowed to throw things around the house. This will make him understand that his actions are wrong and your patient behaviour towards him will make him happy and he will feel that his emotions are being acknowledged. A gentle approach always goes a long way.

If, at all, he completely loses control and starts throwing tantrums, start by ignoring his behaviour completely and carrying on as usual. But, do keep a watch on him to ensure that he isn’t harming himself or anyone else in the home. If such kind of behaviour is increasing and he gets physically violent, restrain him by holding him firmly. Do not slap or spank in order to control him. Use enough strength to restrain any physical movement and he will gradually calm down.

Once he calms down, let him drink some water and wash his face. Distract him from the issue at hand by bringing up a new topic or asking him to help you with some household chore. If he is considerably grown up, talk to him about why such tantrums are harmful and unacceptable, and find better ways to communicate in the future.

Tantrums are a child’s way of showing his dislike and refusal to agree with what you’re asking since he isn’t fully equipped to process unwanted emotions. By understanding your child better and using the right methods to inculcate discipline, your child will not only behave better but become closer to you as well.

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