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Tips to Teach Poems to your Child

As parents we sometimes underestimate the ability of our kids to memorize things. But we should not forget that our kids are like sponges and they have a great ability for remembering and retaining a great amount of information. However, we shall share some tips that will help you in teaching poetry to your kids:

1. Give it a Tune

Have you ever seen that music is better understood and retained by our minds in comparison to simple words. You can think of any catchy tune and help your kid learn the poem in that tune.

2. Modulate

Voice modulation plays an important role in remembering poems. You can pick up different scales and momentum for different paragraphs.

3. Act The Characters

If there are some characters in the poem, try enacting them. This will help your kid to memorize in a better way.

4. Erasing The Words

You can write the complete poem on the board and after reciting a few times with your kid, you can start erasing the words one by one.

5. Break Up The Poem

This is a good approach to helping your kid memorize a poem. Break the poem into paragraphs and teach it to your kid paragraph wise. However, if there are no paragraphs, you can divide the poem into lines.

6. Keep Repeating

Repetition is a great way of remembering things and the same applies to poems. Keep repeating until your kid memorizes the poem by heart and then he/she will not forget it easily.

7. Explain It

It is seen that whenever you explain and give a valid logic to your kid, he/she will understand and remember things in a better way. You can explain the poem, in the form of a story, beforehand.

Poems are a great way to bond with your kid, while also teaching them something valuable. These poems can help kids build their language and speech skills as well.

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