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How to Discipline Children

When children are in their growing stage, it is the responsibility of parents to keep their behaviour in check, otherwise, they will go out of hand. Children spoiled in young age, remained spoiled for life. So, a little discipline is necessary, don’t you think? But how to discipline them so that they take it in a positive manner? Here are some ways of making sure that your children behave properly without you having to resort to physical or verbal thrashing.

1.Second Chance – If your child has been rude or disrespectful towards you or anyone, make him aware of what he did and ask him to repeat his actions without being rude.

2.No More Talking – If he has said something rude or unpleasant, ask him to firmly stay silent for some time. This will give him some time to think and introspect. He will understand that such a behaviour was completely unnecessary and will remember it in future.

3.Let Him Win – If certain things are not to your liking but the consequences aren’t harmful to anyone, you can let him win an argument and allow him certain control in his own life.

4.Breathe – Shouting back at a child who is already throwing tantrums and shouting will only result in noise and disrupt the neighbours. So, instead of playing the shouting game, firmly send your child to his room or ask him to sit in a corner for a while, and let him calm down.

5.Spare the Rod – Spanking your child or hitting him should rarely be an option. Using the rod even in the mildest form creates a fear in him rather than a sense of responsibility for his actions. So, remember never to spank your child even if you are angry at him. You don’t want him to be afraid of you.

6.No ‘I-told-you-so’ – Even when you forewarn him about an upcoming problem, he may ignore it until it stares at him right in his face. As tempting as it might be, don’t resort to telling him that you had warned him already. Help him in dealing with that problem and he will appreciate that you are by his side.

7.Be Smart – When your child doesn’t want to listen to you, create interesting scenarios for him so that he will end up listening to you and doing what you wanted him to do.

8.Sacrifice – In order to show him the cost of his actions, take away his favourite toy or video-game for some time until he understands what he did was wrong.

9.Restricting Social Interactions – Restricting social interactions of a child is a solution that might work because he wouldn’t want to get embarrassed in front of his friends. But, don’t use this way when he is with his friends or among relatives. As this will lower his morale and he will dislike you. Although it is one of the options, it is best to avoid it.

10.Love and encouragement – It is a common misconception among people that to disciple a child, one needs to use strict ways. But that is not true at all. Discipline can be inculcated once children are encouraged for good behaviour. You talk to your child politely and he will listen to you. Discipline is never confined to a strict approach, it is blossomed by a positive tone.

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