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How can You Help Your Child to Learn Nursery Rhymes?

1.Repetition is the key. Don’t be embarrassed to behave like a child. Recognize the fun in it. If you see your kid liking a particular nursery rhyme, feel free to start singing it yourself and your kid will love you for it.

2.Bring out the musical nature of the rhyme. Sing along with your little one and don’t forget to clap or dance to the beat.

3.Your hands are not the only instruments. If you’re cooking and your kid waltzes in singing his rhyme, use the spoon to tap on the bowl and the kitchen platform to add musical flourishes.

4.Reinforce the actions that flow along with the words of rhyme. This helps your kid visualize the words in the poem and remember the meaning even better. It also is quite a funny feeling to be a child for a change.

5.Turn it into a game. Try singing a line and let your kid follow up the next. Or sing half the line and let your kid sing the other half. This further strengthens the structure of their memory.

6.Mix the nursery rhymes with other hobbies they might have. If the rhyme is about a particular character, ask them to draw the character as described by the rhyme.

7.Once they are used to one rhyme, introduce a newer one that might connect to the first or be a totally different story. Know their interests and plan accordingly.

8.Learning is not a process in solo. You can use nursery rhymes to educate your child about the alphabet, numbers, colours, animals and so on. The association of various domains and senses brings a holistic sense of learning.

Nursery rhymes have been a strong tool for teaching for the longest time. As your child progresses ahead in class, the subjects tend to be separate and the overlap of teaching starts to reduce. Studies have strongly depicted that associative learning that crosses over domains tends to have a strong tendency of being memorized. English rhymes for toddlers are the easiest and the quickest way to develop a learning methodology for your child. The sooner you begin, the better it is for your child. Don’t force this as a subject to be learnt for an examination. Let it stay in the way of fun-frolic that it has been created as, and your child will fall in love with them right away.

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