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Fun & Educational Activities For Children

It is essential to keep young children engaged through activities as their mind and body need proper stimuli for healthy growth and development. Physical movement keeps the body healthy and boosts brain development. Creative activities improve their imagination, make them feel good, increase their self-confidence, and develop a sense of independence.

Educational and Learning Activities

1. Word Board

This is one of the simple activities for 5-year-olds at home that can be done with the easily available material.

How to Play?

Use a bulletin board and write down words on strips of paper. The words should be those that your child comes across in everyday life during play time, mealtimes or in school. Put a picture next to the word to indicate what it means. For example, truck, car, bus, toy, daddy, mummy, rain, sun, etc.

What Does it Teach?

It improves their reading ability.

2. Skip Counting

This activity is one of the simple math activities for 4-5-year-olds.

How to Play?

Draw or stick pictures of objects like apples, cars or butterflies on cards to help your child count in twos, threes, etc. For example, to do skip counting by twos, stick two apples on the first card, four apples on the second, six apples on the third, and so on.

What Does it Teach?

It improves their math skills.

3. Dice Game

This game is a math activity that can be played with easily available items in the house.

How to Play?

You need an ice-cube tray, a couple of game dice, whiteboard markers, and kitchen tissue. Put one of the dice into one ice-cube hole and the other into the adjacent hole. Use the marker to make plus, minus, and equal-to signs between the holes where the dice are placed. Help your child add or subtract the number indicated on the dice to arrive at the answer.

What Does it Teach?

Improved basic arithmetic skills

4. Butterfly life-cycle activity

This activity can be done using craft paper or different shaped pasta.

How to Play?

Draw the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle on a chart paper. Use craft paper or pasta shapes to make the shapes of the egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly.

What Does it Teach?

Teaches kids about the life-cycle of a butterfly.

5. Junior Scrabble

It is structurally similar to regular scrabble but designed for young kids.

How to Play?

The words are already printed on the board. All your five years old has to do is match the tiled letters on to the letters on the board.

What Does It Teach?

Improved vocabulary

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